Express-QuickShip – b-o-railroad

Because idle hands are the devil’s workshop, we build some of our most popular pieces in advance. You can’t rush perfection. But at Simply Amish, we’ve discovered that you can nudge it along. Providing the same exceptional quality that you’ll find in our regular line — in a much shorter time. The custom look without the custom wait. We have two programs to help you get select pieces of furniture faster than a normal order.

Express - items will be in stock in our most popular wood and stain for that item.

QuickShip - we take it one step further - the product will be available in a specific wood, and you get to choose from a variety of finishes to ensure that what you get will best complement your style.

That’s the only difference. Every amazing piece is still cut from the same beautiful hardwoods, hand-crafted and signed by the skilled artist who built it, and backed by our lifetime guarantee. The only thing you’re losing is the wait.

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