Many Styles. One Standard.
Amish isn’t a style. It’s a standard of excellence — desired by many and practiced by a very rare few. It’s in the fine details of solid wood drawers, hand-finished, inside and out. It’s in the skill of genuine Simply Amish craftsmen, passed down from one generation to the next. But most of all, it’s in the beauty of America’s richest hardwoods, hand-finished in a thousand different styles — from country pie safes that are the hallmark of Americana to contemporary designs that say, “Move over Herman Miller, the Amish are in the house.”

Standard Features

All furniture is not created equal. At Simply Amish, we pride ourselves on the use of premium-quality hardware, construction techniques, and joinery in the production of all our furniture.

Blum SmartSlides

Exceptional drawers require exceptional hardware. That’s why our drawers feature heavy-duty slides that allow the drawer to fully extend. The slides are fully enclosed and mounted from below, creating an unobstructed view of our solid dovetail construction. SmartSlides also feature an advanced mechanism that prevents slamming by soft-closing each drawer when it reaches a few inches from the cabinet.

Soft-Close Hinges

Like our SmartSlides, our titanium finish, soft-close hinges provide a smooth, silent close... no matter how hard the door is closed. Our concealed, soft-close hinges now come standard on all cabinet doors.

Quality Drawer Boxes

Drawers take a lot of abuse as you open and close them almost daily. All of our drawer boxes are constructed of 5/8" thick solid hardwood. Our drawer boxes are dovetailed front and back and the drawer bottom is inserted into a groove to form a captive bottom after all 5 pieces are glued and compressed together. Each drawer is then sanded smooth and finished with our varnish to preserve its natural beauty and ensure a lifetime of worry-free operation.

1-Piece Drawer Fronts

Our drawer fronts are one piece with no glue lines up to 8½" (Excludes character woods). We also finish, and then seal the front prior to attaching it to the drawer box.

Luxurious Finish

Six Northern Hardwoods and many great color selections, afford you over 100 possible wood and stain combinations to choose from, as well as the vastOCS and Benjamin Moore selections.

Our dining table tops get three coats of post-catalyzed varnish, making them resistant to water, alcohol, and nail polish. The undersides of our dining tables are finished to prevent snags on clothing and to seal the wood to prevent warping and cracking.

Sealed Edge Grain

We seal the end grain with a special sealant to eliminate moisture transfer and help prevent warping.


Dado – For a stronger, long-lasting structure.

Dowel – To ensure structural integrity for the life of your product, we use engineered dowels in our casegood frames that absorb glue better.

Mortise & Tenon – Some of our pieces employ mortise and tenon joinery. Screws are used only as secondary support.

Your Furniture. Your Way.

When we say “custom-built” we mean it. At Simply Amish, you choose the wood, the stain and every other element that goes into making your selection unique. We don’t start construction until we receive your order. From that point forward, your furniture is tracked by your name, so that each craftsman knows the person they’re building for. And in the rare event that your furniture needs warranty work, all you have to do is get the item back to one of our authorized dealers and we will take it from there to make sure the issue is resolved.

Bring out the natural grain by adding depth and color

Giving your home a perfect color palette goes beyond paint. From a deep rich Mocha Nut to a bright golden Autumn Haze, with over 170 wood/stain combinations, Simply Amish has the look you desire.
Premium Stains
The majority of our colors are standard wiping stains and are included in the price of the item. A few of our colors are premium, multi-step colors and require a 5% to 10% up charge. And, although we prefer to use our own specially formulated stains, we also work with the OCS approved line of stains. Charges may apply, depending on the color.
Stain Matching Option
Stain matching is not an easy thing to do. The wood itself will vary in color and even change color over time making stain matching more difficult and time consuming on a new piece of wood. Stain matching requires a custom quote. 

Add 5% (plus match fee)
Paint Matching Option
We match Benjamin Moore paints. We match their colors using our varnish so you still get the same great Simply Amish finish. 

Add 10% - JMOBM
2-Tone Option
We offer 2-tone options on most of our product. In most cases, it will be the “removable” portion of the item that can be made a different color — chair seats, table tops, case tops, doors, or door fronts. Mixing two different woods is also available as an option for most of our product. See our price list for availability.
Post-Catalyzed Varnish
It’s a lot more work to use a post-catalyzed varnish, but it’s worth the extra effort. Post-catalyzed varnish has a lot of advantages over lacquer. It has a much higher solid content, and is thicker, more durable, and more flexible than lacquer. It won’t crack or shatter as the solid wood expands and contracts, which is a natural occurrence with solid wood.
Lower Sheen Option
Unless otherwise specified, our furniture is finished with our standard 35° sheen varnish. We also offer two lower sheens.

Add 5%
JMO20DS - 20° Sheen
JMO5DS - 5° Sheen (matte)
Touch-Up & Repair Kits
A fast and easy way to touch up minor scratches or damage for most of our stains. See the price list for available colors, or order online.


All furniture is not created equal. At Simply Amish, we pride ourselves on the use of premium-quality hardware, construction techniques, and joinery in the production of all our furniture.

High-Quality Hardware

Our wooden bed frames connect with non-glued dowels and a heavy steel bolt anchored by an engineered nut. We supply a wrench for tightening the bolts should they loosen. Angle Iron runs the length of the rails to strengthen the rail and support the slats.

Five Slats

Each of our beds come with five wooden slats to support your mattress foundation. On queen beds three of the slats will have additional support feet. On king and California king beds all 5 slats have additional support feet. These slats are supported on the side rails by the angle iron.

Wood Frame Option

No Footboard, No Problem. For those of you who like to hang your feet off the bed we have a solution for you. Most of our beds can be ordered with a wood frame which will eliminate the footboard giving you ample room to stretch out.

Complete Wood Frame Option

Not looking for a headboard or footboard, but want a sturdy bed that will last a lifetime? Look no further... 
Headboard: 14”h; 
Footboard: 14”h 

CA King - 76½"w x 90"d  SBWFR-15W1
King - 80½"w x 86"d  SBWFR-15W2
Queen - 64½"w x 86"d  SBWFR-15W3
Full - 58½"w x 82"d  SBWFR-15W4
Twin - 43½"w x 82"d  SBWFR-15W5

Under-Bed Storage Option

Due to the popular nature of under-bed storage, we have carefully designed ours so it can be added to almost any of our beds. Please check specific beds for information on which beds can accept our under-bed storage.

Under-bed storage is sold separately from the headboard and footboard. The desired bed must be purchased as well.

Rolled Slats Option

Looking to lower the height of your mattress? Order our rolled slats option and you will receive everything you need to put your mattress directly onto any of our beds, eliminating the need for traditional box springs. When selecting this option, you may consider altering the height of your headboard. Side rails on standard Simply Amish beds have an 8" clearance. With slats installed, your foundation will be just 9" off the floor with 2" gaps between the wooden slats.

KAORS-99  Does not include frame.

Headboard Only Option

When a headboard is all you want, it’s all you’ll need to order. Just select the style of your choice and order the headboard only. There are also options available to customize the height.

This will require the purchase and installation of mounting brackets to attach an existing frame. There are no pre-drilled holes, allowing you to use the hardware of your choice.

JMAP61  Optional Adapter Plate.

Upholstered Headboard Option

Create a dramatic custom headboard by adding fabric or leather to select headboards.

Charging Station Option

The charging station is an outlet extension installed into the back of one of the drawers in your nightstand, allowing for up to three separate device chargers to be plugged in at once... without all the mess. 


Custom Hardware Option

Because everyone is different we understand that our selection may not be your first choice. Therefore, feel free to select a different hardware from our assortment.

Interior Secret Drawer Option

Our optional secret drawer with SmartTouch hardware turns any nightstand into the perfect hiding place.


Nightlight Option

Motion activated, and installed underneath the nightstand.The sensor is installed on the back corner and can be ordered to go either on the left or right side of the nightstand.

MEONL-L  Left Facing Sensor
MEONL-R  Right Facing Sensor

Cedar Drawer Option

For generations, cedar has been widely used in bedroom furniture with the purpose of discouraging insects and providing a pleasant aroma.


Shorter/Taller Nightstand Option

We’ve added an option that allows you to increase or reduce the overall height of your nightstand up to 6" either way, in ½" increments.


Wider/Narrower Nightstand Option

We’ve added an option that allows you to increase or reduce the overall width of your nightstand up to 6" either way, in ½" increments.

MEO6WNS  With Drawers
MEO6WNSDO  With Doors or Opening

Dining Room

Crafted to perfection, just like your grandmother’s apple pie. There’s no other room that brings families together like the dining room. That’s why we build dining furniture to last, so that your family can continue to build memories for generations to come.

Ball Bearing Slides

Standard on all tables, unless otherwise noted. Our sturdy built ball-bearing slides, custom made for us in Germany, provide years of smooth reliable operation. These top of the line slides come with our lifetime warranty, affording you, the original owner, protection against defects of materials or craftsmanship.

Leaf Locks

Now standard on most tables, all leaves are equipped with Leaf Locks. Exceptions will be noted in the catalog.

Leg Levelers

Because we know that there is nothing worse than a table that rocks back and forth, we put leg levelers on all wood bases/legs of our tables, including the center support leg.

Silverware Divider Option

Do you want your salad fork mingling with your soup spoon? Tired of getting poked by your corkscrew? Stop the insanity!Our Silverware divider option even allows you to choose the drawer it goes into.



Butterfly, drop leaf, in-table storage — you name it, and we offer it, giving you great options for expanding your table when you need extra room, and storing your leaves when you don’t.

Stationary Butterfly Leaf

The stationary butterfly leaf will be found in trestle tables, leg tables, and island tables except where otherwise noted. Stationary butterfly leaves come in different sizes, with the trestle tables having the largest leaf coming in at a record setting 32" wide. The leg table comes in second with a 24" wide leaf. The Island Tables feature an 18" wide leaf.

Lifting Butterfly Leaf

The lifting butterfly leaf allows for more tables to accommodate butterfly leaves without spoiling the beautiful design of the table. This butterfly leaf will be found in single pedestal tables. Lifting butterfly leaves may not have aprons or leaf locks due to space restrictions in the tables using this leaf. A magnetic leaf option is available. The lifting butterfly leaves featured in our single pedestal tables are 18" wide.

End of Table Butterfly Leaf

This option requires the end of the table to be mostly square so the leaf lines up without large gaps and also have limited edge profile options. The end of table butterfly leaf utilizes a new heavy duty table slide that transfers the stored leaf out from under the end of the table and then supports the weight of the extended leaf. End of table butterfly leaves are 18"wide. Tables with this leaf will feature one on each end, adding 36" total to your dining surface.

Chair Features

Shapely legs? Solid backs? Relax; we’re talking about the sturdy construction of our chairs, built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Choose from several styles. Soon, you’ll be sitting pretty.

Chair Glides

Each chair that is hand-crafted at Simply Amish comes standard with high quality glides to protect floors from scratching.

Quality Seat Cushions

Every seat cushion is constructed to optimize comfort for the life of the product. Each of our dining chair cushion seats are constructed the same way, so if you have tried one you have tried them all.

Casters Option

Many of our dining chairs come with the option of adding casters.


Advantage Fabrics

A selection of Revolution performance fabrics are available as part of a special arrangement with the fabric mill to purchase their most popular fabrics in higher quantities and to pass the savings on to the consumer. These fabrics are made in the USA. Available on dining seating.

Custom Fabrics Option

If you have a fabric in mind and we don’t offer it — send us your fabric and we’ve got you covered.For dining chairs with an upholstered seat we require ½ yard/chair.For dining chairs with an upholstered seat and back we require 1½ yards/chair. Exceptions are noted in the catalog. COM fabric will be priced as Grade 3. If supplying your own fabric, excess fabric will NOT be returned.If you want to supply your own leather, you need to submit a quote request.

Nailheads Option

Looking to set your dining room apart? With our nailhead options it’s simple to add a touch of class. See price list for availability.

SAOVNAILS   For Chair Seat.
SAOVNAILB   For Chair Back.

Barstool Features

Stationary or Swivel?

Our barstools are available in two basic types — stationary and swivel. On stationary stools, the legs are attached directly to the base, just like a typical chair, while swivel barstools feature hardware that allows the seat to rotate while the legs remain in place.

Standard Swivels

All swivel barstool selections feature a heavy-duty, ball-bearing swivel designed to pivot a full 360˚. These high-quality swivels are made in America and backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Memory Swivel Option

For a slight upcharge, you can upgrade any Standard Swivel to a Memory Swivel. These deluxe swivels — also backed by our lifetime guarantee — are designed to rotate 90˚ in either direction and return to the forward-facing position whenever the seat is unoccupied.

KAOFMS   Backless Memory
KAOMS   Standard to Memory

Rung Guards Option

Protect your investment with our optional Stainless Steel Rung Guards. Installed to protect the finish on the area of the barstool that takes the most abuse, the cross bar. Can be installed on any barstool that has a rectangular cross bar.

KAOBB   Bronze Finish
KAOBR   Brushed Stainless Finish
KAOBL   Black Finish
KAOBC-BS   Rounded Stainless Finish
KAOBC-BL   Rounded Black Finish

Work Features

File Drawers

File Drawers feature hanging file hardware.

Gas Lifts

All of our desk chairs feature gas lifts. Add a touch of luxury to your office or home. The gas lift allows easy positioning of the swivel seat.

LED Touch Lights

Forget about fumbling for a cord or hunting for a hidden light switch. Our convenient cabinet touch lights allow you to turn on, turn off, or dim your lights with a simple touch.

Glass Options

Variety is the spice of life! With five different styles of glass to choose from, your selection can dramatically impact the look and feel of your furniture. Learn more on our Custom Glass Page.