Olde World Aging
Olde World Aging
Wire Brushed
Rough Sawn
Our Olde World Aging process invigorates our furniture, revealing facets that normally take a hundred years to create.Don't worry about the first ding. It's the least we can do. Our craftsmen painstakingly create an aged appearance into the wood that will arouse your senses, without compromising the structural integrity of your furniture.

All upcharges are to be added to the base price of the item, in the wood of your choice. You don't need to add the markup to any additional options. 

Olde World distressing is available with all woods and stains. Select stains require an additional 5% or 10% charge.
3 Levels of Olde World
A Level Aging
A level aging includes hand planing, which creates an uneven surface and various other textures unique to each piece of wood, producing remarkable character with worm holes, faux cracks, tasteful dents, and time worn edges. 

Available on all woods. 
A level charges 20% OW-A
B Level Aging
B level aging is a less obtrusive aging process. Level B includes all of level A with the exception of hand planing. The surface remains level, but the process still features worm holes, faux cracks, tasteful dents and time worn edges. 

Available on all woods.
B level charges 15% OW-B
C Level Aging
C level aging consists only of a few time worn edges, and on the appropriate opaque colors will also feature our "rub through" which mimics an older finish showing through the paint in the age worn areas of each item.

Available on all woods.
C level charges 10% OW-C
When requested, we will wax the item using a power buffer to buff off all the excess wax leaving a special aged feel to the finish. Please note this wax process doesn’t add additional protection to the furniture and finish, it’s all about the feel. 

 Add 5% OW-WAX
Wire Brushed
Distressing with a wire brush reveals the unique wood grain of your piece, highlighting the enchantment obtained from synthesizing weathered wood with refined design. When you order the Wire Brushed Option, we apply our 5 Degree sheen varnish.

Available on all woods.
Wire Brushed charges Add 15% JMOWB
Rough Sawn
Rough Sawn typically produces two surfaces with more Rough Sawn marks than other parts of the board. As a result, not every part of the surface of a board will exhibit remnants of the technique. Available on all woods and on most items. The treatment will be applied to flat surfaces. Live Edge tops require a custom quote. 

Not available on chairs.
Rough Sawn charges Add 10% JMORS
As the name implies, this scalloped, wavy look on wood is laboriously arrived at by a craftsman’s expert hands and finely calibrated tools. Available on top surfaces only. 

Not available on Oak, Quartersawn White Oak or Hickory.
Hand-Scraping charges Add 20% JMOHS
Planked Top
Our plank width wood is glued up like a normal top, and then we cut a groove in the top of each glue joint, the length of the top, to accentuate the plank. This, in essence, eliminates the contraction and expansion of each individual board that comes with plank tops using tongue and groove joinery.

Available on all woods; top surfaces only.
Plank Top charges Add 10% JMOPLANK
Reclaimed Hardwood
Preserve the past with this great new wood option. Rescued from old buildings, barns, and rural structures, this unique wood is hand picked for its genuine antique look and feel.

Not available on chairs and barstools.
Limited to flat surfaces. JMORECLAIM
Lower Sheen Varnishes
Unless otherwise specified, our furniture is finished with our standard 35 degree sheen varnish. We also offer the following two lower sheens.

20 Degree Sheen Add 5% JMO20DS
5 Degree Sheen (matte) Add 5% JMO5DS